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Honda CR-Z 176cm Front Bumper Splitter / Lip

Honda CR-Z FRONT BUMPER SPLITTER / LIP 176cm wide Splitter Support Rods allows you to adjust the angle of the Splitter This item is available in Fiber Glass...

$175.49$376.97 $155.99$344.47

Honda CR-Z Front Bumper Canards

Honda CR-Z Front Bumper Canards A choice of Pair (2x upper + 2x lower) Item will fit most of CR-Z bumpers, yet due to the design of some bumpers you will o...


Honda CR-Z Sidesteps / Side skirt extensions

Pair (L+R) of Honda CR-Z Sidesteps Sidesteps / Side skirt extensions Extremely flexible and lightweight so will fit most of the side skirts easily! This item...


Honda CR-Z Top Secret Style Diffuser T3

Honda CR-Z Top Secret / Shine Style Diffuser [shop-diffuser] [ebay-top-secret-diffuser] [ebay-carbon-top-secret-diffuser] This item is available in Fiber Gl...