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Nissan 180SX S13 PS13 Top Secret Style Diffuser

Nissan S13 / PS13 Top Secret / Shine Style Diffuser [shop-diffuser] [option-list]   [ebay-top-secret-diffuser] [fiberglass_description] [car...



Nissan 200sx S13 Rear Spats (2pcs) v5

Nissan 200sx S13 Rear Spats to fit any S13! Please note! The listing is for side spats only! Center bit is not included! This item has been test-fitted by u...

$84.49 $77.99

Nissan 200sx S13 Voltex Style diffuser

Nissan 200sx S13 Voltex Style Diffuser Fits most S13 rear bumpers! This item is available in Fiber Glass or Carbon Fiber, please choose from the option list....



Nissan S13 / 200sx 176cm Front Bumper Splitter / Lip

Nissan 200sx S13 FRONT BUMPER SPLITTER / LIP 176cm wide Splitter Support Rods allows you to adjust the angle of the Splitter [splitter_description] [option...

$175.49$376.97 $155.99$344.47

Nissan S13 Aero Side Diverters

A Pair (L+R) of Nissan S13 Side Diverters This item can be easily installed using rivets, bolts or double sided tape. This item is available in Fiber Glass ...


S13 200sx Sidesteps / Side skirt extensions

Pair (L+R) of Nissan S13 Sidesteps (181cm) Sidesteps / Side skirt extensions 15cm wide Extremely flexible and lightweight so will fit most of the side skirts...